At Strukton during the break a collega and me did "Break projects". We made some incredible and crazy but mostly fun things.


What if you combine wet wood with a very high voltage

What if you combine a flat coil, big current and a big plate copper.

 Very simple motor

a batery, magnets and a koper wire  is all you need to build a simple motor

Dust explosion

cd in microwave

popsicle sticks

some where we found a few popsicle sticks.


An ionocraft or ion-propelled aircraft, commonly known as a lifter or hexalifter, is an electrohydrodynamic (EHD) device (utilizing an electrical phenomenon known as the Biefeld–Brown effect) to produce thrust in the air, without requiring any combustion or moving parts. that is the defination according to wikipedia

We used a the monitor in the background to power the ionocraft with 20KV.


Escher Knot

This project was about a  woodcut picture made by M.C. Escher in 1965 called 'Knots". We wanted to make a 3D model from what is in the picture. it took us weeks to write a program that could make the 3D file. We used C++ to write a program that could make a OFF-file wich we could convert in a file format that could be printed.

 If you want one you can get it at


Sugar bridge



Carbon light

Vlam in de pan

what happens if you fire a tealight so hot that it ignites and then try to extinguish it with water?

Flying soap

The first project we did was based on a experiment that was on the mythbusters. we wanted to do it in a more save way. so we wanted to use only hot air to make the soap fly.  We never managed so i dont got pictures from us doing this. but wanted to show the youtube movie from the show.



Autodesk Inventor, Vault, Git, C#, vb, .net, php HTML, css, js


University computer science.
HBO Mechanical engineer.
MBO Fine mechanics.


Programmer and Mechanical engineer at Kelvion
(2016 - 20..)

Mechanical engineer at Strukton
(2009 - 2016)

Mechanical engineer at RDG-engineering
(2007 - 2009)

CNC Programmer at VMC
(2005 - 2007)

volunteer at Taizé


Objectgeoriënteerd analyseren en ontwerpen, Objectgeoriënteerd programmeren in Java, Webapplicaties: de clientkant, Databases, Security Aware Programmer, Web Security Specialist