At Strukton during the break a collega and me did "Break projects". We made some incredible and crazy but mostly fun things.

Not sure how this started but for a long time I found polyhedron (Geometric shape) nice to look at. At some point i started to collect puzzles that have nice shapes like polyhedron. But I collect any puzzle that has a unusually solution. Here you will find some of the stuff I made.

I worked almost 9 years for Strukton Rolling Stock. On this is a promotion movie you will see me at work (first 20sec). All equipment you see in the first minute are designed by me.


Autodesk Inventor, Vault, Git, C#, vb, .net, php HTML, css, js


University computer science.
HBO Mechanical engineer.
MBO Fine mechanics.


Programmer and Mechanical engineer at Kelvion
(2016 - 20..)

Mechanical engineer at Strukton
(2009 - 2016)

Mechanical engineer at RDG-engineering
(2007 - 2009)

CNC Programmer at VMC
(2005 - 2007)

volunteer at Taizé


Objectgeoriënteerd analyseren en ontwerpen, Objectgeoriënteerd programmeren in Java, Webapplicaties: de clientkant, Databases, Security Aware Programmer, Web Security Specialist