My Job

I work for Strukton Rolling Stock.

 this is a promotion movie from the plae were i work.

here you see some pictures that were made from one of my designs

This last picture is a screen shot from what i see on my computer. the differens between theorie and practise are not that big.

Compound of 5 tetrahedra.

some day i want to make this paper disgn in metal and put it in the garden.

What To Do With.....


72 pencils

this desgn i saw for the first time on the site of George Hart. i liked it so much that i made 2 of them but gave them both away. (From 1 i heard that the elastic rubbers holding them together broke.)




a stock of bridge carts.

infact there are more cards in this thing. there are 60 bridge cards and a stock of bridge carts has 52 cards

Leftover Business Cards


it isn't me ;-)