Software / Mechanical Engineer

I have been trained as a mechanical engineer (in 2004 I obtained my bachelor's degree). After completing my education, I have done volunteer work for 8 months in a monastery in Taizé (France).  After that I worked for a number of companies.

Me and a few friends did a lot of volunteer work next to my job. In 2007 we decided that it was a good idea to start living together. This is how i started to live together with Linda. With whom I am married on October 15, 2016. Now  we expect our first child in October 2018. 

My hobby has been programming for a long time. It started with making simple php websites but i ended up with making a sites for the Catholic Church. (a site for registering activities that are then visualized on a google maps map.) Also i made sites for my personal use. for example the site that i made for my wedding. On that site/app we could keep track of the guests and the scenario among other things.

At some point i hit a sealing and could not learn my self anything more. That was for me the point to start a new studie as software engineer at the Open Universiteit. I did that study next to my full-time job but could not keep doing while we where organise our wedding.Now i would like to study more but i dont think that will be possible in the near futher.

Therefor  I am fortunate with my current jobwhere i gain experience as a software engineer and at the same time use my background as a mechanical engineer. I work now for Kelvion where it my job to create software that helps to create drawings. Partly I do that by making 3D models that are adjustable by parameters from the sales software. Partly by writing addons for autodesk inventor. For example one of my addons creates a 2d drawing based on a 3d model. (Including the scaled views with the right dimensions.)




Autodesk Inventor, Vault, Git, C#, vb, .net, php HTML, css, js


University computer science.
HBO Mechanical engineer.
MBO Fine mechanics.


Programmer and Mechanical engineer at Kelvion
(2016 - 20..)

Mechanical engineer at Strukton
(2009 - 2016)

Mechanical engineer at RDG-engineering
(2007 - 2009)

CNC Programmer at VMC
(2005 - 2007)

volunteer at Taizé


Objectgeoriënteerd analyseren en ontwerpen, Objectgeoriënteerd programmeren in Java, Webapplicaties: de clientkant, Databases, Security Aware Programmer, Web Security Specialist