I worked almost 9 years for Strukton Rolling Stock. On this is a promotion movie you will see me at work (first 20sec). All equipment you see in the first minute are designed by me.

Tractiesystemen for the Toulouse metro.

This is one of the projects i worked on as a mechanical engineer.


This last picture is a screen shot from what i see on my computer. the differens between theorie and practise are not that big.

Elektrische systemen monorailvoertuigen São Paulo

This is a other project i worked on.



More projects done by strukton rail

On the website of strukton you can find more projects they have done. Some of those i have worked on. If you want to know more about what i did then drop me a line.



Autodesk Inventor, Vault, Git, C#, vb, .net, php HTML, css, js


University computer science.
HBO Mechanical engineer.
MBO Fine mechanics.


Programmer and Mechanical engineer at Kelvion
(2016 - 20..)

Mechanical engineer at Strukton
(2009 - 2016)

Mechanical engineer at RDG-engineering
(2007 - 2009)

CNC Programmer at VMC
(2005 - 2007)

volunteer at Taizé


Objectgeoriënteerd analyseren en ontwerpen, Objectgeoriënteerd programmeren in Java, Webapplicaties: de clientkant, Databases, Security Aware Programmer, Web Security Specialist