Not sure how this started but for a long time I found polyhedron (Geometric shape) nice to look at. At some point i started to collect puzzles that have nice shapes like polyhedron. But I collect any puzzle that has a unusually solution. Here you will find some of the stuff I made.

Compound of 5 tetrahedra.

some day i want to make this paper disgn in metal and put it in the garden


72 pencils

this desgn i saw for the first time on the site of George Hart. i liked it so much that i made 2 of them but gave them both away. (From 1 i heard that the elastic rubbers holding them together broke.)



a stock of bridge carts.

infact there are more cards in this thing. there are 60 bridge cards and a stock of bridge carts has 52 cards

Leftover Business Cards


wood puzzle

Mystère de boules

this is a movie i made for a puzzle that i designed. I named it mystère de boules because it looks like a "jeu de boules" ball when putted together. There are 24 identical pieces. they are printed with a 3D printer.


if you want a copy you can get it at

steward coffin

I bought a book from steward coffin and found a couple of nice puzzles. one of them i created with Inventor (that is a 3D drawing program) and let it print. if you like puzzles try to get a copy of this book it has a lot of tips for creating your own puzzles.


George Hart

this puzzle i downloaded this puzzel from the site of George hart who is a great artist. afther i downloaded it i had it printed at shapeways.

first 3D print i made

 Left you see how it looks like when its put together. right its half taken apart.

First and only metal Burr i made.

This ouzzel i made during a pratical year i did at Philips.

Unnamed puzzles

just a a puzzle i made from sticks.

I started making this puzzle a realy long time ago. but half way i stoped making pieces. and i cant put my self to finish it. i need to find a way to make te pieces in a easer way.


Solved Puzzles

I dont own this puzzle my self but i solved it. A collge brought this to work so i could solve it.


Autodesk Inventor, Vault, Git, C#, vb, .net, php HTML, css, js


University computer science.
HBO Mechanical engineer.
MBO Fine mechanics.


Programmer and Mechanical engineer at Kelvion
(2016 - 20..)

Mechanical engineer at Strukton
(2009 - 2016)

Mechanical engineer at RDG-engineering
(2007 - 2009)

CNC Programmer at VMC
(2005 - 2007)

volunteer at Taizé


Objectgeoriënteerd analyseren en ontwerpen, Objectgeoriënteerd programmeren in Java, Webapplicaties: de clientkant, Databases, Security Aware Programmer, Web Security Specialist