This Addon is not released and is still in development.

When you have a drawing with many sheets it would be nice if you could see thumbnails off all sheets in one view. This is a long requested feature on the Autodesk forum: “Inventor Ideas”.  Generating that overview is the main purpose of my addon “SheetsOverview”. 


You can start the overview by opening a drawing. Then in the ribbon “Place Views” under the tab “Sheets” you will find the button “Sheets overview”.

Click it and you will see a window that is similar to this image


For each sheets you will see the name as it is shown in your sheet browser. Also for each sheet you can set a description. This description can have the same properties as a “leader text” on a drawing. In fact that is also the way to set the description text. To change the description you need to do the following: Create a “leader text” in your drawing.

Next open the “Sheets overview window”. Select “Set sheet description” under “options”. Then select the leader you just created. (When you are finished the “Leader text” can be deleted.) Model properties that are use in the “Leader text” are taken from: The model of the first view on the drawing.

In the “Options” menu you will also find options for: Setting the sheet/thumbnails size. There are 3 predefined sizes. There is an option that will allow you to have the “Sheets  overview window” to be always the top window. And the last option will let you update the sheet/thumbnails continuous. (This last can option can lead to some performance issues.) If you don’t want to continuous update the sheet/thumbnails then it’s possible to update the active sheet with the menu button “Reload”.

In the bottom of the screen you will find tabs for each open drawing in Inventor. When you switch in Inventor or in the overview to an other drawing. Then it will also change in the other screen.

Known issues

When you open the “Sheets overview window” then all sheets of the active document will be opened. This can become a performance issue when switching sheets takes a long time. But this needs to be done because this is the only method to make thumbnails for each sheet.




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