Creating and running a Docker image on Rpi

This website shows how to install docker on a Raspberry pi (Rpi) and at the bottom there are links to example app's. Those can be used for a first try. It was remarkable easy to get it running on the Rpi. On the Rpi (in a terminal) do the followin:

If you dont have git installed do it now with the following command:

sudo apt-get install git

Get the sample project:

git clone

Go to the sample directory:

cd dotnet-docker/samples/aspnetapp

Create the docker image:

docker build --pull -t aspnetapp .

With the command following command you should be able to see the image that (aspnetapp) we just created

docker images

run the docker image as a container:

docker run --name aspnetcore_sample --rm -it -p 8000:80 aspnetapp

 With the Following command you should be able to see the running image/containers

docker ps

More information about this sample project can be found at github

If you want to run and edit the sample on your windows machine then you will need Visual studio 2017 (version 15.7 or higher) and .Net core 2.1

It's possible to copy all code from your windows machine to the Rpi with the command:

scp -r dotnet-docker pi@[IP-adress]:test/

The building and running can be done with a shell script on the Rpi. That script can be started from the windows machine with the command:

ssh pi@server1

Dont forget to make the script runable with the command:

chmod 755


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