Raspberri pi cluster computer

For a long time I would like to build a ASP.net website and would like to run it on a raspberry pi. I have several Raspberry pi laying around in my home. (They act among other things as picture frame en domotica server.) The problem that i faced was the fact that i did not know how to run ASP.net site on a rpi. While i was playing around with creating a ASP.net site i noticed that i could add Docker support to the ASP.net site. If i can manage to run Docker on my rpi and add my ASP.net site to it i have creater what i want to build.


While i was reading about running docker on a rpi i noticed that a lot of people where running docker in a cluster (swarm). Because i have several rpi's therefore i added to my wish list creating a cluster computer and running my site on it.

installing docker on a rpi is as simple as running:

curl -sSL https://get.docker.com | sh

 then add the user to the doucker user group:

sudo usermod -a -G docker pi

 (pi is the default user on the rpi. If you use a different user then replease pi wit that user)

On the manager rpi run the command

 docker swarm init

 the docker program will output the command for joining the swarm. It will look something like:

sudo docker swarm join --token SWMTKN-1-436sxwviln6nnj778wwc07ui0a0plo2t1cn4gu-c5kz26e2k6swuooxrpbu9jvnv

 Run this command on all node that you want to add to the swarm.

a rpi can by removed from the swarm by the following command:

sudo docker swarm leave

 if you want the manager to leave the swarm add "--farce" at the end of the command.

 checking wich nodes are added to the swarm can be done with the command:

docker node ls



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