During the programming competitions "Google code Jam", Google expect us to comunicate with that standard in/output. Instead of most competitions that expect that you read and write to a file. Goolge has exmples for a vew languages in there FAQ but not for c#. During the qualification round i found that it's easy to do this.

// read a line from the standar input with:
string line = Console.ReadLine()

// write a line to the standard output with:

That is not to difficult but it means we have to write all the input strings in the console line by line by hand during debugging. Unless there is a way to redirect the standard input and out put to a file. In Visual Studio there is a way to do just that. Go to your project settings and find the following options.

with these "Command line argument" settings the standard input is redirected to the file: "C:\temp\input.txt" and the output is redirected to the file: "C:\temp\output.txt"


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