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Accessing iProperties
Inventor API:
ILogic API:

Create a Windows Form, Display It, Get Instant Feedback From Your Choices, all from one iLogic Rule.

Use iLogic to get files from the Vault

Get the factory document from iLogic

Dim oPropertySetName As String = "Design Tracking Properties"
Dim oPropertyName As String = "Description"

Dim doc = ThisDoc.Document
If doc.ReferencedDocuments.Count > 0 Then
	Dim refDoc = doc.ReferencedDocuments(1)
	Dim stdObjects = StandardObjectFactory.Create(refDoc)
	Dim desc = stdObjects.iProperties.Value(oPropertySetName, oPropertyName)
	MessageBox.Show(String.Format("Description in {0} = {1}", refDoc.DisplayName, desc))
End If

Creating forms with iLogic

Autodesk University papers

How Deep is the Rabbit Hole? Examing the Matrix and other Inventor Math and Geometry Objects.

Exploring iProperties and Parameters

Model state stuff

The Component.IsActive function in a delegated BOM model state does not update the BOM in Inventor 2022

Create and Activate Model States in the assembly and subassemblies

Can't suppress sub-parts in Model States

Working with Model State API

Working with PropertySets and Model States

 Porting guide from Level of Details to Model states.


Get a Vault connection in iLogic (and LifecycleInfo)

Tools that might get handy sometime..

Process monitor. (Find registry values set by Inventor.)







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