I created an addon that will let you create buttons for external iLogic rules without writing any code.

"iLogic enables rules-driven design, providing a simple way to capture and reuse your work. Use iLogic to standardize and automate design processes and configure your virtual products." Autodesk knowledge

That being said there is 1 issue that i always found troubeling. Starting a iLogic rule is not as easy as i would like. To much mouse clicks for me. It's possible to create buttons with VBA. There is a problem with that. On the internet there are many sources of great scripts. Propbaly many people can copy those script, but will have a dificult time creating a button with VBA. For me as cad manager it's more convenient to have a xml-file with all button data. Updating an xml-file from remote is easier than a VBA file. So VBA is not the way to go if you ask me... There for I made this addon to help people to creating buttons.

The app can be found in the app store (Link)
More information can found on the Github page (Link)
Clint Brown wrote a great acticle on his site (Link). He also made a youtube video (Link).


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